venerdì 2 settembre 2011


 Honestly, sometimes escaping is not enough. Especially if you like swimming. And if you like swimming, there is no other place for you but Sardinia. Put it into account, sometime you will have to go, because truly you won't find a paradise like this anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

 This said, these pictures were taken within 5 km's of Golfo Aranci, which is on the north part of the island. Sardinia is huge and a whole album of pictures wouldn't give it justice. First of all: this island has ruins dating back as old as 6000 years ago. Why? Because there are no earthquakes here. You leave a rock in one position, and it will stay like that for centuries at least. Try and let me know. Look up for "Nuraghe" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

 Second: they always say Sardinians don't know how to fish, and they're not really sea people, as they were originally mountaineers. True, but this place you see here is fairly different. Golfo Aranci in fact is inhabited since less than a century, and it was founded by coral fishermen who came here from the island of Ponza, in "Continental Italy". Yes, you heard well, Sardinians call Italians "Continentals".

 The smell in the air, the amazing landscapes, the simple life, the mountains and the sea make Sardinia one of the places I love the most. You literally have everything: history, nature, civilization (not so much of that one.. at least the recent one) and a flight to go anywhere in Europe in one hour.
 So, that's where we're going next week, because Sardinia in september is still much warmer than France in July =) and there will be no tourists left..

Last thing: no, Golfo Aranci is not Golfo degli Aranci, and no, there is no orange tree here. It seems the name "aranci" comes from a particular kind of seaweeds in the area. But don't get afraid, even seaweeds look great in Sardinia.

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